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About S House

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An innovative and collaborative approach to design…

S HOUSE, inc is an architectural design, development and contracting firm established in 1993 in Atlanta, Georgia as an enterprise that could contribute to the revitalization of Atlanta’s urban areas through creative, thoughtful design and implementation. Since its inception, S HOUSE has dedicated itself to providing innovative design/development solutions at every level by offering a broad range of services that are underpinned by a foundation of solid design and a wealth of experience that comes from being involved in all aspects of a building project – from design consultant to development partner.

This versatility equips S HOUSE with the capacity to implement a project from start to finish or to contribute more insightfully as part of a project team. Our integrated approach and hands-on experience gives us a practical understanding of how to navigate the building process as well as a key advantage over competing firms in knowing how to strike the optimal balance between architectural design and budget considerations. Regardless of our level of involvement or the size of the project, S HOUSE strives to deliver elegant solutions for each of our clients.

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